Saving The Integrity of the DJ Industry

It's been a while since I've felt the need to write a post such as this one but my feelings to write this post are so overwhelming, that I cannot ignore them.  

Last Night, I had the opportunity to party at a pretty prestigious & upscale club in NYC.  I'd say it's a pretty well known "Tuesday" party in NYC and a rather hard club to get into.  That being said & being a DJ, I expected the music to knock my socks off!  Much to my surprise, I was pretty disappointed.  Before I get into the specifics, I just want to mention that the overall vibe of the party was Urban and the genre of music that was expected of the DJ's was primarily Hip Hop (nothing wrong with that, I love me some Hip Hop and I can damn sure listen to Hip Hop all night!).  

The primary issue I had all night was the lack of the DJ's ability to actually "mix" his tracks.  A better way of saying that would be his inability to properly transition from one track to the next.  THE MAIN POINT OF DISCUSSION IN THIS POST: Since when was "echoing" out of every track, waiting for the echo to stop and then dropping the next track "OK" in the DJ world?  Now before some of you start saying things like "oh, I'm sure it wasn't all night" or "I'm sure he mixed some songs", FINE - I'd say he mixed 20% of his set but 80% of it was in the following format:  

Song Playing -->  Echo Out -->  Wait for Echo Out to Stop -->  Drop Next Song -->  Repeat

For all my Non-DJ's reading this post, one of the most basic principles of DJ'ing is the ability to "mix" or "blend" one record into another.  Although it is not the only way to DJ, as a lot of turntablists will scratch their next track in, "mixing" and "blending" are the basics of DJ'ing, if you will.  

I'm sure some of you will say, "Well, you notice it more because you're a DJ".  Yes, true.  Last night however, even the people I was partying with (Non-DJ's) started to notice.  One person even went as far as saying "There's no flow".  That made me happy.  I'm glad that the average party goer is starting to realize the difference between a Good/Bad DJ.  At times, the echoing was so bad that I was really tempted to just leave but didn't want to disappoint the party I was with.    

I've come a long way in my DJ Career.  I used to speak up/out about these issues in the DJ industry but would often get accused of being "negative".  This post is not meant to be negative at all.  I've taken the time out to write this post to educate the average party goer, to ask the promoter that hires talentless DJ's to stop doing that, to ask the club owner that hires DJ's based on their following to look at talent first and most importantly to ask my fellow DJ's to save the integrity of the DJ Industry by standing together and not be afraid to educate each other about the rudimentary principles of DJ'ing.